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Reflexology is a massage which is used to treat illness’s and relieve tension by applying pressure to specific areas, based on the reflex points on the feet and hands linked to every part of the body.


This is a holistic healing method for the body, which dates back to ancient Egypt within the tomb of Ankhmahor, as well as the Chinese using similar techniques for health and prevention of diseases. 

"From the holistic perspective, our suffering comes from forgetting wholeness 

the word 'health' comes from the Anglo Saxon 'häl', whence also came 'heal' and 'whole'.

Perhaps the simplest definition of healing is 'to make whole'...

There's an even more profound dimension to the deepest healing - it's also spiritual.

The same root that gave us 'heal' and 'whole' gives us 'holy', too." Dr Rudolph Ballentine

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