ming412 Spiritual, Chakra and Star Signs

Spiritual, Chakra and Star Signs

There is a difference between religion and being spiritual. They are both lead in the same direction with different concepts. Religions have there own rules and regulation which are put in place (with most of them already in place by government), finding that some religions empower men over woman and belittling same sex relationships which is a separate topic.

Each chakra regardless of the name, symbolises a different body part or organ which can be influenced by music/sound waves, what you put in to your body and outside influences. With your mood being linked to your star sign, moon and ascendant sign.

Vibrations and the body

You may or may not know that the human body is made up of between 60-85% water depending on how much fat to muscle you have on your body. (different medical conditions can effect the % for example thyroid problems). Keeping this in mind if you put a glass of water in front of a speaker and watch how the vibrations changes, it is easy to see how different vibrations can and does change the shape of the cells within the body. Another factor which affects our mood is the moon. This may sound silly however if you think about how the tide changes with the moon and remembering we are filled with liquid its easy to see how. With different moons representing different stars sign you may find you have more or less motivation.

Yin and Yang

The concept of yin and yang is inseparable and contradictory opposites.

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

"Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell"

It's easy to have sweet, chocolate, smoke, caffeine, drugs and alcohol after all it is your body.

You may consume yourself with things to make you feel better, feel good, make you feel confident, or calms you down. underneath all the stimulants you are the same, different you.

I used to be a heavy weed smoker, from morning to night I would be high as a kite and though nothing was wrong. It helped with my physical pain and depression plus everyone around me smoked. I was quieter, things took longer because I had to be high, was lazier when it came to things I needed to do which also lead to me being late on some occations loosing the tract of time. I was more creative and motivated when it came to training with my appetite decreasing while feeling happy almost all the time.

Since stopping my friends have admitted that I am more talkative. I've found that I'm more intellectual wanting to learn more about the body how it moves and works, I have more interesting conservation and ironically more of an appetite. I have on the other hand lost friends and a common interest with a few family members and find it hard to motivate myself with things I use to do. I have different emotions which has confused me a few times which had me questioning if this was going back into a depression or if it's my real emotion I tried to hide.

1. Does what you do make you a good or bad person (Friendly, aggressive, outspoken, verbally/ physically abusive)?

2. Does it affect those who care about you?

3. Does it stop you doing every day task?

4. Are you putting yourself or others at risk?

5. If you change does it change who is around you? if so they aren't meant to be there.

I have friends that I used to smoke with and have now accepted that I no longer do. While I had friends who I used to smoke with and since stopping I no longer see.

It is healthy to have a little bad habit now and again however once that habit consumes your life that's when it becomes a problem.

1. Do you remember why you started your habit in the first place (Money, Family, Health, problems, depression, you enjoy doing it, following the crowd/peer-pressure)?

Chakra within our body

Root Chakra 396hz - Lower part of your spine - This is your base your grounding, I like to think of this as your core, showing you how much work you've put in to life from lower back pains and aches. This is your why! Fiance, family and your core purpose. create a solid root and grow your tree.

Sacral Chakra 417hz/432hz - Reproductive organs - Which is your sexuality. This is where the positive and negative energy comes from. After a frisky night it shows how your mood is the flowing day, releasing hormones into your body. Pleasure which raises your mood which also can lead to a blessing of a child. This is your who and why! Family, children and pleasure. Sex is often used and confused for love instead of lust. Its 1st purpose is to reproduce however as generation go past it has been mistaken for love from the shared connection and highlighting your sexuality.

Solar plex 528hz - Stomach - Your confidence. There's no secret that the way you look makes a difference to your confidence (If you look good you feel good). You can feel comfortable being plus sized, athletic or skinny and remembering that you are doing it for you and no-one else. A lot of peoples confidence gets shattered from what people say and how they are looked at. If this is something your struggle with then there is two things you can do.

1. Stand naked in the mirror get used to looking at yourself and be proud of who you are how you look and remember why you love you

2. If your not happy with how you look change the way you eat (80%) and what you do (20%) It could be dancing, running, sports, etc.

As soon as you start looking at yourself and feeling great others will see it too. This is your What. What is it you want to see when you look in the mirror? Remembering that everyone has their own beauty.

Heart Chakra 639hz - Heart - Your healing and love for others. This is where you care for others humans, animals and the world in some cases thinking about others more then themselves and sometimes finding them self heart broken (while leading with their sacral). This is a very delicate piece of your body extremely hard to heal and easy to give away. The heart tends to fall in love or are guided towards people who is in need, have a harder upbringing to people similar to them or in some case the opposite. How much you care for others around you is how you heal them. That may be listening to someone who needs to talk (you have two ears and one mouth use them proportionally), being a shoulder to cry on, being hands on and helping others such as the medical team/ Scientist, and being environmentally friendly. This is your how and who. How do you heal someone and who needs your help.

Throat Chakra 741hz - Throat - Your communication. This can be used both in a positive or negative way while understanding that you don't have to lead by everything you hear. By talking, singing, rapping, comedians, spoken word, etc. Letting their voices be heard while telling their stories or speeches can helps to guide, inspire and heal others who have been through the same situation or have similar goals. This is your what. Is what your saying effecting others? Are you promoting them to turn a new page in their life or are you holding people back? The way you say things happens to make a difference to how a person receives it.

Brow/3rd eye 852hz - Brain (pineal gland) The horus/your vision - Your creative side and intellect. Their are so many different parts of the brain which make people great at so many different things. this could be drawing writing, mathematics, making things etc. This is where you see what you want where your vision's are developed and grown. By reading it helps give you new ideas, different peoples point of views, helps with grammar and vocabulary, aids with memory while allowing your mind to wonder. Life is a long roller coaster of learning from past mistakes, new ideas and different visions. This is where all your ideas come together. Without knowledge there is a number of things which wouldn't have been invented.

Crown Chakra 963hz - Top of your head - Your spirit. This is consciousness and getting in touch with the universe. this is the highest part of you which is outside of your body. connecting us to like minded people, signs and signals which lead us to our soul path. This could be a repeated number, word or feeling which the universe guiding you on your mission and its up to you to accept the guidance or turn the other cheeks. knowing which one is right for you and understanding the signs.

Chakra's above your Crown and below the Root

There are a number of chakras around us which many people don't know

Below the root

10th Earth Star - connection to the earth, similar to the Root Chakra these can be tuned in by listening to music with at a lower frequency 174hz linking to emotional & physical pain and 285hz body tissues and aura.

Above the crown

8th - Soul Star - Divine love and spiritual compassion

9th - Universal Chakra connecting you to the Universal flow of energy. Through powerful healing and psychic abilities which can be developed.

Palm of the hands

11th galactic “Channel for Prophecy,” allows for communication with higher beings. It’s associated with advancing the development of spiritual skills, including manifestation and energy healing.

12th Divine gateway chakra is associated with complete spiritual ascension. Your communication with the energies beyond is free-flowing and unhindered. The gateway opens for your exploration of worlds beyond (This is why we use our hands to pray).

The 13th chakra has been symbolized in the image of a Rose. Throughout history, myth and religion, this symbol appears to represent the energy of Love, or God, or the Light (which are essentially all one and the same). If the Rose spoke, it would say one thing: "You are Loved."

The truth contained in the awareness of this energy centre is what everyone is looking for: it is simply, happiness. Buddha's famous last words were (allegedly), "There is no Way to Peace and Happiness - Peace and Happiness is the Way." Somehow we have swallowed the belief that happiness lies outside ourselves, that it is something to be pursued, purchased, found in a mall, a restaurant, a relationship, or a pill.

Star signs

I know some people look up there star sign and believe it's nothing like them but do they know what their sun and moon signs are? these signs do play different roles in our emotions, goals, personality and mood. To calculate star signs your rising sun and moon click here.

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