ming412 Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Each treatment is beneficial in its own way, lower back pain?

I would highly recommend: 1. Chair Massage - This massage focuses down each side of the spine, gluts (bum muscles) shoulders, arms and neck lasting for 30mins

Lower back pain is mostly caused by tightness of the muscles in the middle of the back, which restricts the movement of the torso; leading to strain in the lower back. This can cause Sciatica where the nerve from the spine pinches between the gluts (bum) muscles sending pain down the legs.

For extremely tight muscles there is also the choice of a

2. Full body Deep Tissue Massage lasting for 60mins.


3. Personal Training lasting 30mins - A core workout will help support the lower spine especially when it comes to mild slipped disks. If you've been to a doctor they will send you to a physio and give you set exercises (which I bet you accidentally forget to do).

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