Importance of healthy feet

Did you know tightness of your lower body can restrict the movement of your upper body? Here’s a little trick to show you how.

Step 1 Turn your right foot to the side of your foot so that the outer part of your ankle is leaning towards the floor

Step 2 stick your left arm straight out in front of you

Step 3 keeping your right foot bent twist your body as far as you can to the left leading with your left arm.

Step 4 once you have reach your maximum turning point place your right foot flat onto the floor and carry on twisting.

(video demo at the bottom on the page)

If you was to take the muscles of from the skeletal system they would all come apart as one, joined together by ligaments which are attached to the bones via tendons. By tightening the muscles around the lateral (outer) part of your ankle it causes a domino effect up your body and limits the movement of your torso. If you try the same thing while seated you will have little to no movement. This is because in a seated position you are cutting off the connection from your upper to lower body which is why seated exercises are easier then standing.

Your choice of foot wear can also make a huge impact on the rest of your body from a bad back, achy knees and to your legs.

Wearing high heels consistently can result in tightness in the calf, however over wearing high heels can also lead to you not being able to put your heels flat to the ground.

None movable foot wear can causes a lack of muscle usage. Think back to when you, a friend or family member broke a bone and was left in a cast. Once the cast was removed that person has to go through 4 to 6 weeks of exercises to strength the muscles. Some foot wear act like a cast to the foot which means after a number of years your body adapts, using different muscles to walk which can impact the anatomy.

The best type of foot wear to wear on a daily bases are one's which have plenty of movement or none at all. If you have any feet issues I would recommend wearing insoles.

Next week I will be posting exercises and stretches for the muscles below the knee.

Followed by Strengthening retired legs out on 20th November.

See you next week

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