History of Dumbbells and Barbells

The Dumbbell received its name during the English Tudor era, athletes would literally use bells without the uvula or clapper while training which meant it never made a sound making the bells dump. Athletes have been working out with weights for more than 2,000 years. In ancient Greek they used Haltere which was a stone in a crescent-shape with a handle.

The dumbbell evolved to longer versions first by the Indians around the same time as the ancient Greeks. They used a tool called Nal which looked like a club. Then in the 1860s 4-6 foot long barbells was introduced in Europe. These bars were also fixed and only became changeable in 1908 where weighted plates could be added and removed.

Dumbbells and barbells can be used for fitness, increasing muscle size and strengthening, making them the most common equipment used in a gym and at home.

There is such a long list of exercises you can do with them that it’s next to impossible to name them all. During the weeks to come I will be introducing you to the most common and main exercises using both.

Next week I will be posting about the importance of feet and how your lower body effects the upper half of your body.

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See you next week

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