Core Advance

When it comes to intensifying the exercise you can now start to mix the lower and upper core into 1 movement/exercise. This can also be done by extending your body or limbs in a holding position.

Here are 10 examples.

Perform 10-15 reps of each exercises 2 or 3 times a day 3- 5 times a week for at least 3 months to feel the benefits. Change the exercises after a month to keep seeing progress. You may feel muscle soreness also know as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) set in 24-48 hours after the workout and can last up to a week, the more you work out the less pain you will feel. The exercise with a *** next to them are harder then others so once you are able to complete 15 reps without difficulty try one of the more challenging ones.

(Please pick the exercises you are comfortable with. To correct your form while doing these exercises take a look at core basics. If they become to easy challenge yourself and take a dive into core intermediate and then core expert).


1. Bent leg lower to crunch - Laying on your back with your hands by your ears, knees bent towards your stomach and feet off the floor. Straighten both legs out towards the floor, keeping the lower back on the floor by rolling your pelvis forward, bring your knees back in keeping your chin off your chest, raise your head and shoulders off the floor as high as you can, return back to the starting position and repeat.


2. Scrunchy*** - Starting in a hollow position lift your upper body off the floor while bringing your knees into your stomach at the same time. Lower your body down starting with the lower back and return back to the hollow body position.


3. Hollow body hold arms by ears - Starting in a Dead bug position (see Core basics exercise 3) straighten out your legs as low to the floor as possible. Keep the hips rotated forward keeping your lower back to the ground. Hold the hollow body position with your hands by your ears.


4. Hollow body hold flutter your legs - Holding the hollow body position hands by your sides, keeping your knees straight kick your feet up and down as fast as you can (while your right foot raises up your left foot lowers down and change between them.


5. Straight arm side plank - Starting on your side with your hand slightly away from you. Keeping both legs straight and in line with your body. The hand which is off the floor place onto your side. Raise your hip off the floor by pushing your hand and feet towards the floor then lower your hips so they are just off the floor.


6. Side plank with a twist - In an elbow side plank or straight arm side plank the hand which is off the floor start straight up above you. Create a ball shape with your arm, turn your body towards the floor and allow your arm to go under your armpit return back to the starting position


7. Straight arm back raise hold - Laying on your front arms by your ears and feet together. Raise your chest and legs off the floor keeping your knees straight and arms by your ears hold this position


8. Straight arm back raise pull elbows to your sides - Laying on your front with your arms by your ears raise your chest off the floor. While your holding your body up bend your elbows towards your sides. Straighten your arms to the the starting position and lower your chest towards the floor


9. High plank with a foot tap side to side - Standing on your hands and feet. Rotate your hips forward to engage the lower stomach muscles. Keep your shoulders in line with your wrist and hips while holding this position. Step your foot out of line with your body and return back to the leg together position and alternate legs


10. High plank step down to elbows - Standing on your hands and feet. Rotate your hips forward to engage the lower stomach muscles. Keep your shoulders in line with your wrist and hips while holding this position. step down onto your elbows and step up making sure you change arms on each rep and allow your hips to stay in line with your shoulder


Next week I will be posting information about different food groups and what you should know.

Followed by the history of dumbbells out on 23rd October.

See you next week

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