Achievement Edition 1

Since late 2019 I’ve been teaching callisthenics classes in Ruskin park meeting a lot of people from different walks of life, helping them with their callisthenics journey. Their accomplishments makes everything worth while.

During this time I have watched the team reach new goals and strengths which I believe should be acknowledged. (These achievements were accomplished between the months of Novemeber 2019 - Saturday 5th September 2020)

I would like to start with Shak’s. When I first met him he had a positive attitude which is contagious and a good foundation towards training, his dedication and hard work is paying of. Able to hold a handstand and he's ability to adapt what he's learnt during freestyle learning new skill from 360's to shrimp flips, I'm looking forward to see where he's training takes him.

Chris being the oldest member has managed to keep up in every session, turns up through sunshine and rain. Having seen noticeable strengths gained in he's lower and upper body.

John who has conquered he’s fear of going up side down on the rings and bars. He's dedication to he's goals, he has now reached a max pull up of 6 unsupported. And for making continuous strides to achieve 10 and beyond (plus noticeable weight loss).

Ferne for losing 17 lbs! She was my first EVER client who's goal was to reach the top of the stairs without getting out of breath. Needless to say she has surpassed that and beyond. With the lockdown in places she made the decision to change her diet which has lead her to remarkable results.

Nicolas for completing 10 pull ups and working towards muscles ups and harder skills (we all hope he's keeping up the training in Italy).

Rodane for achieving hes muscles ups on the bars who admitted he didn't think he would achieve! but has proved himself wrong.

Christian for achieving he’s first ring muscle ups and setting paves to achieving it on the bars.

Almas for managing to get the guys in the class to start doing yoga and helping the team with more flexibility and mobility in the joints.

Tom for catching he's Shrimp flip and a tucked fly away, he shows up to every session with a huge smile on he face and is always ready for a challenges.

Joanna, she started with me unable to move on the monkey bar without the use of her feet is now able to reach the 3rd bar without the support of her feet showing great signs of strength gained and determination.

I would also like to take this time to say a huge thank you to my editor Sam for helping me make these blogs possible.

I’m looking forward to sharing everyone’s accomplishments no matter how big or small, they all deserve a huge round of applause for their hard work and dedication.

Keep it up!

Next week I will be posting Strengthening Retired Core exercises for parent and grandparents to do while seated, standing and 1 or 2 exercises on the floor all aimed to keep/make the core strong.

Followed by Core basics out on the 25th September 2020.

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