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Fitness means being able to perform physical activities, and having the energy and strength to feel as good as possible, everyday, no matter what we’re doing. Having the confidence to walk in to a gym, knowing what you’re doing is a challenge especially if you're new to the environment. If we're not new we'll tend to stick to the same exercises leaving us with very little fitness improvements.


I've been in sports and fitness for 24 years. In my younger days I trained as a gymnast for 14 years reaching national level and also competing in international competitions. Following my gymnastics success I began teaching many different sports such as basketball, trampolining, tennis, dance, football, arts and crafts during summer holidays and after school clubs.

I gained my personal training qualifications shortly after and started working for gyms, training people from weight loss, improving fitness, teaching handstands, aligning spines and helping injuries before taking a break to start competing in callisthenics/ street workout.


I travelled all over the world, became the UFL pro female world champion which took place in New York 2017, competed within a few male competitions and reaching the finals of ninja warrior UK 2018 finishing as the second fastest female. 


I will be your professional gym partner, coach or drill sergeant! structuring the sessions around your goals pushing you to keep going and achieving your goals.​

You can have a look at some of my reviews and leave one after our sessions by Clicking here.

For a FREE consultation contact Simone Ming via Whatsapp, call or message on 07734016032 alternatively fill in the contact us form below and I’ll be in touch within 24hrs

Price list all sessions last 1hr

1-4 sessions - £70  

5-8 sessions - £60 (sessions must be bought in bulk)

9-12 sessions - £50 (sessions must be bought in bulk)

Private Group Sessions - £15 per person (minimum 4 people)

If we are unable to train together I have the option for online personalized training. By answering a few question about your training regime I will be able to conduct a program to help you achieve your goals. Click here to fill in your details. You can also sign up to The Calisthenics Club where I will be performing LIVE workout sessions alongside 6 other world class trainers for a low price of 15.99euros per month.

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