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About Relax and Flex

After an injury while seeing a physiotherapist it is hard to stay on top of the exercises in relation to recovery. While it can be draining it is vital to get yourself back to health, fitness and everyday lives to reduce the risk of injuries in other part of the body due to compensating. With the 30 mins package my aim is to aid you with the exercises the physio has given and if needed help you with progressions in between your appointments for a speedy come back. Even if it's been a few years since an operation or injury it is still possible to reduce the aches or pain.

Although personal trainer's are traditionally for weight loss, muscle gains and strength which I also do. I believe it's important to look at all aspects of training such as flexibility and imbalances.

While reaching your goals and to prevent injuries deep tissue massages will break up the knots that will occur as the muscles grow (recommended once a month).

About Simone

I've been in sports and fitness for 24 years. In my younger days I trained as a gymnast for 14 years reaching national level and also competing in international competitions. Following my gymnastics success I began teaching many different sports such as basketball, trampolining, tennis, dance, football, arts and crafts during summer holidays and after school clubs.

I gained my personal training qualifications shortly after and started working for gyms training people from weight loss, improving fitness, teaching handstands, aligning spines and helping shoulders before taking a break to start competing in callisthenics/ street workout.

I began competing due to my own injuries, mainly the 3 mild split discs and a mildly bulging disc in my lower spine. I felt I needed to look after my own body as well as motivation to train.  

I travelled all over the world, became the UFL pro female world champion which took place in New York, competed within a few male competitions and reaching the finals of ninja warrior UK 2018 finishing as the second fastest female. 

With all my success competing and the knowledge I've gained my real passion is to help those with injuries and elderly which lead me to my massage therapy qualification. Since then I've been training my clients from learning to pull up and push up using weights challenging their bodies with different types of training and also massaging to prevent future injuries.